How We Got Started in the Pressure Washing Business: This is Not a How-To Guide

There are books, articles, and videos talking about how to make money in the "power washing business". This is not one of those articles, nor is it a guide to starting a pressure washing business. My wife Rachelle and I are true entrepreneurs at heart. This is the story about starting an exterior cleaning company using our own God-given skillset and experience.
In the spring of 2021, we decided to relocate from Tucson to Mesa and start a new business. My wife and I agreed that we wanted to do something that met the following criteria.

  1. Provide a needed service that is not saturated in Arizona.
  2. Have a good price point and is a good value for the customer.
  3. Be hands-on and do not need to hire employees.
  4. Something we can go all-in on and reduce the amount of competition.
  5. Be marketable online using SEO (I'll explain more about this later)

As we were doing our research, we came across the power washing niche. It met all the criteria and although competitive in some states, not so much in Arizona. This was somewhat surprising because anyone can buy a power washer. In Arizona, there is no legal requirement for training, commercial equipment, insurance, or licensing.

Training and Certifications

We started by looking for training to understand what we were getting into. We did research on the internet, joined Facebook groups, and watched videos. We attended training events both locally and out of state to gain experience. We met with people that were new and others that had been in the industry a long time. We pursued and received certifications in several areas and techniques.

Commercial Grade Equipment

Next, we started researching the best commercial-grade equipment. We noticed that many people started small and upgraded as their businesses grew. They would do this several times before getting to the equipment that actually did the job in a reasonable amount of time. We skipped that process and got what we needed.

Licensed, Bonded, and Insured

Although not required as stated before, I became an Arizona licensed and bonded contractor. It's fairly easy to obtain and gave me more credibility than someone who didn't bother. We then got a few insurance quotes and went with the one with the fewest exclusions. We discovered that not all insurance is the same. Some insurance claiming to be specifically for power washing didn't include getting on roofs. It was critical to compare the quotes and have the agents explain the differences.

The Legal Stuff

Protect yourself by consulting your attorney and accountant on this. To learn more about starting a business check out the Arizona Business Resource website.

Marketing is Key

As I stated before, none of what we did to this point was "required" to start a pressure washing business. However, we wanted to "Go Big, or Stay Home"! At the end of the day, it all comes down to getting the phone to ring. As experienced business owners, this is where we have an advantage over most businesses. My wife and I are great marketers and belong to a couple of business networking groups. Additionally, we use internet marketing and SEO (search engine optimization) to get customers online. There are some fundamental steps that anyone can take to get started marketing their business. Some businesses need a kickstart and can build off of referrals and word of mouth. Others will need a more constant source of leads to keep jobs coming in. Power washing in Arizona is a little of both. Homeowners will not need their houses washed often but commercial properties might if they have a lot of foot traffic.

SEO button on keyboard

Residential Services

Many residential services are one-time or annual opportunities. The exception to this may be window cleaning. Since there is little rain in Phoenix Arizona, gutter cleaning and house washing are not in high demand. In some locations, residential power washing is an absolute necessity.

Commercial Services

Due to the high foot traffic that most brick-and-mortar businesses have a need for exterior cleaning. The more customers a business has come and goes the more likely it will need regular cleaning. This creates an opportunity for redundancy. For this reason, commercial power washing and exterior cleaning services also have more competition.

Getting Started

As I previously stated this is not meant the be a how-to article about starting a business. If you find a business that interests you, learn about it, researches the competition, and make an informed decision. Determine what you can do yourself and what you may need to pay someone to do. You may need to hire a marketer, assistant, technician, or manager. Knowledge is power, so get the knowledge and get started.

Increasing Your Customer Retention Rate With Restaurant Patio Cleaning Services

A First Impression Matters in a Commercial Setting

It takes a few seconds for customers to form an opinion about your professionalism based on the surroundings. One of the first areas they’ll see as they enter your business is the patios, which are often constantly exposed to significant traffic and other damaging elements.

As such, you will want to make your patio area always look its best. This can be the difference between retaining or losing a client to competitors.

Patio cleaning cannot be emphasized enough. A sparkling business environment is essentially a marketing tool that can grow your Mesa business and strengthen your reputation. For the best results, you’ll need to hire trusted professionals offering pressure washing services.

Renewing and Restoring The Look Of Your Outdoor Restaurant Patio

Without the right skills and experience on how to pressure wash your restaurant patios and other demanding spaces, you can easily create more mess and even damage your surfaces. A lot goes into giving a commercial property the attention-grabbing image than you may realize.

You have to get it right when it comes to:

Experienced patio cleaners know the ideal combination of pressure and flow for blasting away all kinds of dirt from different types of patio materials without damaging the surfaces. For example, the brick and concrete cleaning demands vary in this regard.

If you use cleaning agents that are too strong, there’s a risk of lightening some surfaces. Using an excessively diluted cleaner, on the other hand, may not lift all the stains. With professionals by your side, you get access to the most effective and environmentally safe cleaning agents, diluted in a ratio that’s based on how soiled your patio is.

After patio cleaning, professional cleaners may apply a sealer to protect the surface from stains, corrosion, and damage.

Let Us Make Your Business More Inviting for Customers

It does not matter what type of business you operate; never overlook your patio area. Cleanliness can elevate your brand to a whole new level. It is easy for customers to assume your business pays attention to details in whatever you do. As a result, you will be perceived as a reliable brand that people can recommend to their friends and colleagues.

By hiring our Scottsdale power washing services, you can make a noticeable difference in your business and save a significant amount of time and money. We are dedicated to providing superior cleaning solutions using advanced cleaning equipment, products, and techniques.

Contact us today to request a free quote.