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Desert Botanical Garden

If a faded Old West panorama of lonely cacti and dusty tumbleweeds comes to mind when you think of desert botanical gardens, then visit Phoenix's Desert Botanical Garden (DBG). DBG offers five thematic trails that showcase a remarkable collection of 50,000 plants from deserts around the world.

DBG also features the organic glass sculptures of artist Dale Chihuly. His works beautifully complement the landscape. Learn more by clicking here.


As Phoenix continues to experience a record-breaking heat wave, Desert Botanical Garden has been forced to close early. The garden, garden shop, and Gertrude’s restaurant will close at 2 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday due to the extreme heat advisory.

McCue said that in the last few weeks, the park has seen a number of its iconic saguaro cactuses lose arms and fall over. The saguaros are stressed by drought and hot temperatures, which can lead to a number of health problems.

The park’s visitors are encouraged to help by donating water or specialty fertilizer to distressed cactuses and trees. It’s also recommended to wear sunscreen and a hat during your visit. Visiting during the spring wildflower season, February through May, is an incredible experience when gray-green saguaro cacti are suffused in Technicolor by pink spires of penstemon and sun-bright damiana.


The garden offers a variety of things to do and see. It is a good idea to wear comfortable shoes and bring a bottle of water. There are hydration stations located throughout the trails. The staff also suggests bringing sun protection, hats and sunglasses.

In addition to desert plants, the garden is home to wildlife. It is one of the most bird-friendly gardens in the country and attracts hummingbirds, roadrunners, cactus wrens, and western screech owls. It also hosts a series of expert-led birding tours.

The Garden is open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. most of the year, and admission is free. However, advanced ticket reservations are recommended for general admission and special exhibits. The Garden also features classes on gardening tips, cooking, nature art, and more. This unique place is a must-see!

ADA Accessibility

ADA-friendly facilities are abundant throughout the garden. Many of the paths are paved and wide enough for wheelchairs and strollers. During a visit, take note of the native species of Sonoran desert plants, such as Echinocactus grusonii (golden barrel cactus or mother-in-law’s cushion).

Named one of the “birdiest” botanical gardens by Birds & Blooms magazine, you can see hummingbirds, Gila woodpeckers, quail, and roadrunners among many other permanent and migratory species. The renowned Cohn Family Butterfly Pavilion hosts hundreds of new butterflies each week, and you can watch them emerge from their chrysalises.

The garden’s Schilling Library features books on desert gardening, plant evolution, medicinal plants, and more. For kids, there are special programs for Girl Scouts and family-friendly educational opportunities. In addition, the garden offers free admission for Phoenix residents via the city’s Culture Pass program.

Sculpture Garden

The Garden features a large sculpture garden where visitors can see many pieces by famous artist and entrepreneur, Dale Chihuly. They are a beautiful and unique addition to the landscape of the Desert Botanical Garden.

The Desert Botanical Garden is a non-profit museum dedicated to research, education, conservation and display of desert plants. It is located in Papago Park, Phoenix, Arizona, United States. It is the world’s most visited botanical garden devoted exclusively to desert plants.

It is a great place to visit for all ages and interests. There are various trails throughout the park that showcase a unique set of plants. The Garden also hosts a variety of events during the year that are fun for everyone! For example, during the fall, they have a festival of wildflowers and during the holidays, you can enjoy Las Noches de las Luminarias.

Gift Shop

A visit to Phoenix wouldn’t be complete without a stop at the Desert Botanical Garden. Wander through the 140 acres of wondrous plants like towering saguaro cacti, Seussian organ pipe cactus, and the wildly leafed boojum tree.

The world’s finest collection of arid plants is displayed on five thematic trails that illustrate themes such as conservation, desert living, and the Plants and People of the Sonoran Desert trail. The Garden also offers specialized tours, exhibitions, family activities, and concerts.

The gift shop is a must, featuring locally crafted products (think prickly pear drink mixers and flavored popcorn from Kettle Heroes), chic housewares, seeds, gardening supplies, and souvenirs like kitschy cactus candy. This unique store even hosts a range of events, from taxidermy classes to "Ask an Embalmer" discussions and lessons in reading tea leaves and tarot cards. Next blog post.


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