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heavy equipment power washing

Heavy equipment is used and put to the test on the daily basis. It is important to maintain your investment both mechanically and appearance. Taking care of your heavy equipment means having it cleaned and maintenance on a regular basis.
Pressure Power Pros has experienced professionals that are trained to properly clean your heavy equipment.

Why Professional Heavy Equipment Cleaning is Worth the Investment

Power washing heavy equipment is something you might think about assigning to an hourly employee. In actuality, it is safer, better, and more efficient to invest in professional heavy equipment cleaning from Pressure Power Pros.


Operating a pressure washer is not only dangerous physically but can also damage property. There are several considerations when operating a power washer. This includes the amount of pressure, the appropriate temperature, and the detergents if needed. Pressure Power Pro trained technicians know the correct safety precautions and process to keep everything safe.


When you consider the time, money, and risk involved in having an untrained person pressure washer and clean your heavy equipment, our services are of great value.


Our commercial-grade trailer-mounted equipment cleans faster than a typical home use pressure washer. Investing in a professional pressure washing service can save you the hassle of choosing the right cleaning agents for removing gum, fluid, and rust stains without damaging your equipment.

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