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Turf Cleaning - How to Keep Your Artificial Grass Looking and Smelling Fresh

Turf cleaning is a regular routine that should be done to keep your facility safe and odor-free. Surface soil and minor spills are easily removed with a simple hose rinse.

Use a flexible lawn rake or broom (avoid metal bristles as they can damage synthetic turf) to remove any debris from the top of your surfacing. You can return to our home page.

Soil Removal

A thorough power cleaning for your synthetic turf involves brushing out the dirt and debris. This is done with a flexible lawn rake or broom with stiff bristles.

Next, it’s time to rinse the surface with a garden hose and nozzle attachment. This helps eliminate the organic waste and other contaminants from soil or pet poop. It also flushes away any dust or pollen that might have settled on the turf.

It is important to take care of spills and sticky substances right away to avoid long-term damage or staining. Home remedies such as vinegar and water or soap and water may not work on certain stains, especially oil-based ones. We recommend a commercial pre-treatment product such as PG Turf Bomb enzymatic cleaner and deodorizer to remove these stains without damaging the turf fibers. This is a great option for those with pets or children, as it is safe and non-toxic. A properly cleaned and sanitized turf field is safer, performs better, and looks like new again.

Minor Spills

Artificial turf is not “zero-maintenance” – it needs regular washing and brushing with a broom or rake to remove dirt, debris, and stains.

For most spills – like oil, grease, or pet urine – simply hose the area down and the stain should wash away. Alternatively, you can use a mixture of water and vinegar or a mild detergent to treat the odors and stains.

It is recommended to drag brush sports turf two to three times per week (or as needed) if it receives heavy traffic and usage. Brushing removes dirt and debris that cannot be rinsed off with a hose, redistributes infill, and makes your turf look fresher.

When brushing your turf, it’s important to avoid using metal rakes or shovels which can damage the turf and infill. In addition to removing loose dirt and debris, this process de-compacts the infill and eliminates any contamination. This helps to improve traction, aeration, and performance.

Oil-Based Stains

Turf is very durable, but it’s not a zero-maintenance surface. If a commercial or public facility uses turf for sports, it’s especially important to groom and de-compact it on a regular basis, which increases fiber life and improves playability. Cleaning and disinfecting help eliminate odors, hair, debris, and foreign materials, decreasing fiber wear and keeping the surface safer for athletes to play on.

Stains may require an oil-based or water-based solution depending on the desired finish and environmental and health preferences. Oil-based stains give a rich color and are best for exterior projects, while water-based stains have lower VOCs and are more environmentally friendly and healthier for indoor use.

For persistent stains such as oil paint, immediately blot the area with paint remover to break up the stain and then saturate with detergent and cold water. A good ventilation system is critical to reduce the odors caused by this process and improve air quality. For more persistent stains such as chewing gum or tar, you’ll need to scrape the material off, and then sponge the area with a solvent.

More Persistent Stains

While a synthetic turf lawn is a low-maintenance investment, it doesn’t mean it’s immune to spills and stains. It’s important to follow the cleaning steps above so that your home’s artificial grass always looks good and smells fresh.

For more severe stains (such as oil paint), we recommend immediately blotting the stain to remove as much of it as possible, then sponge it with detergent and cold water. If a ring remains, it may be necessary to use a mild acidic cleaner such as Murphy’s oil soap, followed by a rinse with cold water.

A quality deep cleaning maintenance regimen helps you to get more years of service from your field surface and reduces the likelihood that you’ll have to spend $400,000 on a replacement. Contact Ideal Turf for a quote on your synthetic turf cleaning needs. We offer a variety of residential and commercial services to keep your turf clean and in great shape. Discover more interesting articles.

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