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Why Roof Cleaning Is Necessary?

There are several chemical cleaners on the market that can remove mildew stains from a roof. These cleaners are harsher than eco-friendly options, and they may be harmful to plants that grow under the roof. They can also have a strong smell, and they require the user to scrub after application. More by clicking here.


A clean roof is a necessity for any house. It protects the interior from moisture and a number of other issues. In addition, it is a great way to lower your home’s insurance premiums and save money on repairs. A dirty roof can also depreciate the value of a home and make it more difficult to sell.

Many homeowners choose to clean their own roofs. However, many of them don’t realize that their haphazard homemade formulas could cause more harm than good. These improvised concoctions typically consist of high-strength chlorine bleach mixed with an array of varied chemicals, including phosphates, laundry and dish detergents, and odor-masking scents. The resulting toxins can drift several blocks away, exposing the homeowners’ neighbors as well.

A professional roof cleaning service uses soft washing to effectively clean a roof. This process involves a gentle water pressure of less than 1,000 psi and detergents to target specific stains. Soft washing is safe for all roofing materials, and it does not damage the surface. It can also help to prevent the loss of shingle granules, which can loosen tiles and lead to leaks in the home.


A roof that is regularly cleaned will last longer than a moss-ridden or mildew-stained one. The chemicals used in the cleaning process will penetrate deep into the cracks and pores of the tiles, dissolving and washing away accumulated dirt, dust, grime, soot, and other substances that can damage the surface.

Regular roof cleaning also reveals any soft areas in the structure that may need to be repaired, preserving the integrity of the home and preventing moisture damage inside the house. In addition, a clean roof is more appealing to potential buyers and will increase the value of the property.

A strong surface cleaner that doesn’t contain bleach is available from a range of stores. This product not only removes moss and mildew, but it leaves an invisible layer that will prevent the growth of algae in the future. This can save you money on roof cleaning in the future. The product can be sprayed on the surface and is usually left to work in conjunction with natural weather cycles.


The average cost of cleaning a roof is $0.30 to $0.75 per square foot. It is usually done by a professional cleaner and can help increase the value of your home. It can also reduce the amount of dirt and algae that accumulates on your property. It is especially important to clean your roof if you live in a rainy area, where moss and algae often grow.

The price of a roof cleaning depends on the type of roof and the cleaning method used. Some companies offer discounts to repeat customers. Other factors that affect the cost of roof cleaning include the size of the roof, the amount of moss and algae present, and the condition of your gutters.

The cheapest kind of roof cleaning is blowing, where a hose is used to remove leaves and debris. This process may not be effective against stubborn stains but is useful for general cleaning. A chemical wash is another popular cleaning method. This involves spraying a solution that kills lichens and mosses. It is not as powerful as a pressure wash, but it is safer for your roof and can be used on weak shingles.

Easy to use

There are many different kinds of roof cleaners on the market, including budget-friendly options and those with environmentally safe formulas. Some also feature heavy-duty cleaning for tough stains. You can use these products on shingle, metal, and tile roofs. Some even work on moss, mildew, and algae. It is important to choose a product that works well on your specific type of roof.

For example, you should avoid sodium hypochlorite products, which are usually bleach-based and can be harmful to your plants. Instead, you should try Wet and Forget, which is a non-toxic, fast-acting product that cleans stains and algae from shingles without damaging them. It can be used as a spray or as a concentrated formula. You can apply it on a cool, dry day and allow it to get rinsed off by rain and dew. This will give you a long-lasting and effective clean. Alternatively, you can hire a professional power-washing contractor to wash your roof using a soft-wash system. They will use specialty detergents to loosen dirt and grime and then rinse it off with low-pressure water. Next article.

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